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 Shameless (on Showtime)

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PostSubject: Shameless (on Showtime)   Shameless (on Showtime) EmptyFri Apr 29, 2011 7:00 pm

We just downloaded the first season of this show (which is a UK spinoff...but I tried watching the original and it's basically the same, except I feel the Showtime version has better actors and acting...and you can actually understand them lol)...and it's amazing! Showtime never lets me down.

William H. Macy (one of my all time favorite actors) does an excellent job as Frank (drunk father of 6), you get to see Emma Rossums bewbs a lot (I know you guys will dig that...she's got nice ones) and Joan Cusack is awesome in it as an agoraphobic shut in.

If you're into anything like Dexter or Weeds, check this out. I heart it.

Shameless (on Showtime) Theaterseats
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Shameless (on Showtime)
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