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 Fix it GM...

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Great Randino

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PostSubject: Re: Fix it GM...   Fix it GM... - Page 2 EmptyWed Jan 03, 2024 11:46 pm

SteelerFreak58 wrote:
Kenny does deserve a better OC and way better play calling.

Hopefully next season they get a good OC and let him Mason and another QB either through FA or draft battle it out HONESTLY for the top spot.

Right now Mason should be given every opportunity to continue to show he can put points on the board. Two back to back games with 30+points is hard to argue against. Could be an anomaly but we are so fucking starved for a quality offense I can't say to put the breaks on at this point.
I very much agree.

I shall make this observation: it's a LOT easier for a QB to be successful if the parts around them are strong. Look at SF and Brock Purdy. Brock has certainly earned his position. But it was made a lot easier due to a strong line and excellent pieces around him. It's almost like you should build the rest of the pieces first and THEN get your QB.

In short, with good line support, receivers running good routes, TE MUTH, and two bruiser backs, either of these two QB's can be successful next year (notice I didn't mention Mitch. He has unfortunately shown that he can't be successful in any venue, and his career is basically over. It's sad, really, I think he's a really good guy and a great teammate, but I've already got friends, I need football players).

I'd personally draft that next Center (get the best one available if you can, round one if need be). Use draft capital to get an ILB or that next CB (I'm drinking the Kool-Aid if we can get him and the C). That draft capital comes from trading at least one: Diontae or Pickens. We probably won't trade both. If I had to choose, I'd trade Diontae away. He costs more. Pickens is at least talented enough to make the big plays down the field, which helps Mason especially, but really both of them. Either CB or ILB is going to be a concern because you probably can't get both early enough, especially if you go get that Center (still my top priority).
Draft another WR in the middle rounds. Someone with guts, who will block, be a team player and work his ass off.
Draft a QB late. Possibly a 6th-7th rounder. I like JJ McCarthy out of Michigan. If he's available late, I'd consider taking a flier on him.
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Fix it GM...
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