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 2019 college season

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PostSubject: 2019 college season   2019 college season EmptyMon Dec 31, 2018 9:39 pm

Steelers draft Mason Rudolph he sit a year in OC Fichtner offense now it looks like Ohio State is very likely to hire his offensive coordinator from Oklahoma State Mike Yurcich.  2019 college season 3135543967

Quote :

offensive coordinator job is super interesting, and possibly crucial to Day’s success. The rumor, from several places, seems to be that Oklahoma State offensive coordinator Mike Yurcich is the top candidate for Day; and 247 Sports is already reporting that he is leaving Oklahoma State, even if his destination is not yet confirmed.

On the surface level, that makes a lot of sense, and seems to hit all of the necessary points on an imaginary “transitioning to full Big 12 offense” checklist. Yurcich has coached some of the best offenses in the country in the past six seasons at Oklahoma State, and produced top offensive talent like Tyreek Hill (kinda), James Washington, Mason Rudolph, Chris Carson, Justice Hill, Marcell Ateman, Jalen McCleskey, and Tylan Wallace, among others. Oklahoma State has consistently lit up the scoreboard under Yurcich, running the kind of offense — at least in the passing game — that Day seemingly wants to run and that Ohio State seemingly needs to run.

The future of football, at least until the next innovation, is in play-action.

The style of play-action I’m talking about is immensely modernized, wide open, and spearheaded by Oklahoma’s Lincoln Riley at the college level, and both the Los Angeles Rams’ Sean McVay and Kansas City Chiefs’ Andy Reid in the NFL.

That style of play action is a numbers game. As outlined in this excellent Pro Football Weekly column, McVay doesn’t call runs if the numbers aren’t in his team’s favor. He doesn’t force his play calls, he takes what the defense gives him, and uses whatever it is that the defense is giving him to create easy throws for his quarterback. The same is true for Riley, whose simplified, wide open passing attack has helped create back-to-back Heisman winners in Baker Mayfield and Kyler Murray.

Along with taking what the defense gives you and exploiting those weaknesses that the defense creates for you, Oklahoma’s offense utilizes misdirection better than just about anybody. Every passing play is designed to draw eyes away from at least one receiver, creating an open pass for the quarterback. Many plays have a fake to a halfback, or receiver on a sweep. Lincoln Riley’s realization that read option concepts, counter concepts, and play action concepts can all be combined has created the most impressive offensive scheme in the history of college football.

This play action and misdirection revolution isn’t just a fringe, air raid-thing though. Oklahoma, Los Angeles, and Kansas City aren’t alone, as the concepts have crept into the playbooks of Alabama, Clemson, Notre Dame, Georgia, and countless other college football teams. Hell, the Browns are on the cutting edge of NFL offense because of Freddie Kitchens’ play-action heavy offense. The Browns!

I'm seeing Fichtner's offense building on all the offensive concepts Mason Rudolph had already learned Oklahoma State.

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2019 college season
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